Many positives feedbacks have been received from athletes, spectators or sponsors as well as our volunteers and other partners that we thank warmly.

The amazing magic which has been brought out of these talented and passionate people allowed us to offer to our athletes their national championship.

Our volunteers really loved this human adventure lived in the mountains and they are all willing to continue towards 2018. Therefore SkiMo-Villars is officially candidate to organize a world cup stage.

Gorgeous weather attracted many spectators. Consequently, our mission to popularize and promote Ski Mountaineering among the general public has been totally fulfilled.

Indeed, the program had been designed for athletes but also for skiers and spectators who have all been able to navigate through the ski resort. All this offers a luxury showcase to Ski Mountaineering as well as our support for its possible integration to the Olympic program.

Accurate distances and elevations for the individual race modified routes are described hereunder. No accident occurred during the race which is a great success and validates all of our technical choices.

As the SkiMo-Villars slogan promised, you lived: “Once again beautiful days in mountains… you were warned !

View or review these beautiful days : pictures.

The organization committee.

Final distances for the individual race’s modified routes*:

Women / Men :
D+ 1688 meters
D- 1240 meters
Distance 13.83 km

Juniors :
D+ 891 meters
D- 791 meters
Distance 7.67 km

Cadets (Dynafit Youth Cup) :
D+ 626 meters
D- 602 meters
Distance 5.68 km

* Whiterisk source

January 6th and 7th

After the successful 2015 edition, Villars will once again welcome the swiss Ski Mountaineering Championship in January 2017.
Named SkiMo-Villars, this race will be made of one sprint race on Friday before the individual competition on Saturday.
More than 300 athletes will compete during these two days, trying to become the brand new swiss champion.

Popularizing and promoting Ski Mountaineering among the general public is particularly important for SkiMo-Villars. This is why, the program has been edited for the athletes but also for the skiers and the spectators who can all evolve on the area. Therefore, the event offers a luxury showcase to Ski Mountaineering and a support for its possible integration to the Olympic program…

> More about routes
> More about races infos
> Download event map and schedule in pdf (French only)


In Ski Mountaineering competitions, Sprint is the shortest discipline but nonetheless the most technical and impressive one; specially because of the many transitions the athletes have to manage. Although the route is short, it’s designed with quick uphills, technical bumpy downhills, skis carry-on sections and even a jump before a final ice-skating style smooth uphill towards the finish line. Best competitors should run the lap in less than 3 minutes !

Sprint is made of qualification rounds in which the athlete goes individual and races against the clock. It’s followed by group of six athletes in quarter finals, semi-finals and the big final. It certainly looks a little bit like Skicross…

Our race will occur in Col de Bretaye, heart of the ski slopes and very close of the cable car facilities. The route has 105m as total climbing elevation for 1,2km length. Highlight of this trial is to be spectacular for the public who will be able to see the whole area.

> More about routes
> More about races infos
> Download event map and schedule in pdf (French only)


Even if less dynamic than the sprint, the individual race requires great agility and speed during transitions areas between uphills and downhills as well as good technique for skis carry-on sections.

For men and women categories (elite and popular), this 1683m climbing elevation and 20,7km race consists in a loop starting in Villars and coming back. The route goes through Grand Chamossaire, Bretaye Lake, Petit Chamossaire and Col de la Croix road. Juniors will start from Bretaye Lake and follow the same route, having 900m climbing elevation and 13,1km length. The Dynafit Youth Cup will start from Lac Noir and share the end of the route.

Except departure hours which are different depending on categories, all routes will follow the same way from the Lac Noir and further. It means all athletes will go through the same skis carry-on section, allowing the youngest to compare their time with senior athletes.

> More about routes
> More about races infos
> Download event map and schedule in pdf (French only)

  • Sprint on Friday
  • Individual race on Saturday
  • 300 competitors from many horizons
  • 60 volunteers
  • 48 hours event
    5’000 spectators
  • 2’000 meters climbing elevation
  • Elite and popular competition
  • At the heart of Vaudoises Alps
  • Radio shows covering
  • TV shows covering
  • Written press
  • A full two days of enjoyment.



Av. Centrale 140 | 1884 Villars
Tél : +41 24 495 32 32

Av. Centrale 140 | 1884 Villars
Tél : +41 24 495 32 32