Ski Moutaineering practice is beeing successful everyday a little bit more and the number of people who participate at our sport has never stopped to increase for last two decades. Even if at the early days such activity was practiced mainly by alpinists or soldiers, since 2000, it has become more and more democratic. Enthusiastic athletes are happy to discover a new face in world of Ski with a more sweet and Nature respectful approach. No more waiting line at the cable car facilities for exemple ! It’s also a great way for cyclists and runners to stay in shape during winter season.

Through practical increase, many competitions were born these last few years. Most famous ones have to restrict the participant’s number. For exemple, in 2016, 7’000 people wanted to race the prestigious Patrouille des Glaciers in Switzerland. Race’s organization had to refuse close than 1’500 skiers. Trophee des Gaslosen registrations were full in less than 48 hours. And for the oldest race in Switzerland, named Trophée du Muveran, organization have to limit the access to only 1’300 competitors.

Being well aware about this increasing success and the need to give great competitions as well as great festival, Swiss Alpine Club decided to innovate in 2015 by creating a two days event to compete and celebrate the swiss championship through a whole weekend.